The Creative introvert conundrum

How to show up in public spaces authentically. promote, engage, and network even when the social battery is on E.

2/4/20211 min read

As an introverted creative, the experience of working in public spaces can be both daunting and rewarding. On the one hand, it can be intimidating to put yourself out there in an unfamiliar environment and start a conversation. On the other hand, the opportunity to network and collaborate with others is an invaluable experience. The key to success for an introverted creative working in public spaces is to take small steps and focus on the positive. Start by introducing yourself to those around you, even if it’s just a simple hello. Once you’ve broken the ice, you can start to build relationships with those in the space. As you become more comfortable, you can start to engage in conversations about your work and the work of others. It’s important to remember that the experience of working in public spaces can be an incredibly rewarding one. Not only can you make valuable connections, but you can also gain valuable insight and inspiration from the people around you. Working in public spaces can be a great way to expand your creative horizons and learn from the experiences of others.

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